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winning_machine's Journal

Talladega Nights Slash Community
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Talladega Nights Slash and Fanfiction
Hello! Welcome to the Talladega Nights Slash Community.

This community is centered around Talladega Nights, and our favorite race car drivers. Namely their interactions with each other. WARNING: This is a slash community, which means that content will include men touching and possibly getting it on with other men.

Any slash pairing that is related to Talladega Nights is allowed, including RPS (real person slash) as long as it includes people involved in the movie Talladega Nights. You may post anything that has to do with Talladega Nights slash, such as fanfiction, icons, challenges, questions, fanart, or any other love you may want to contribute.

IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SLASH, DO NOT JOIN. Any kind of bashing of peoples' work or bashing of slash in general will not be tolerated. You have been warned.

There aren't many, but please follow them:

-No bashing of slash or of other people's work (already went over this one). Constructive criticism is definitely accepted.
-Be polite to everyone
-A post that contains more than three icons is to be placed under an LJ cut
-All art or stories are also to be placed under an LJ cut.
-Story descriptions should include at least the following things:
Warnings: if your story contains content that may be distasteful for some readers such as violence, rape, masturbation, etc., please let us know.
Disclaimer: We do not have an official disclaimer, but for now it should sound something like THIS: None of the characters in this story belong to me, and neither does the movie "Talladega Nights". I am just a humble little writer that gets absolutely no money from this. Please don't sue meeeeeee.

One last thing, if you would like to pimp our little community, please do so. It needs all the love it can get. :)

Modz: 0_dark_light_0 and slaygirl
if anyone is interested in co-moderating or has anything to contribute to the community such as fancy graphics or the like, please contact me at my LJ page.

Now, that's all. Please have fun!